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Tel Aviv-Savidor Center

Tel Aviv-Savidor Center
  • Station Address:

    10 Al Parashat Derachim St. (continuation of Arlosoroff St.).
  • Cash Opening Hours: :

    Sun-Thu: 24 hours daily.
    Friday: until 15:30.
    Saturday: From 18:30.


  • Food and drink stand
  • Handicap access
  • Information
  • Charged parking
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Access Means at the Station:

  • Guideline for the Blind.
  • Wheelchair Up/Down Lift in the Platform.
  • Safety Line along the Platform.
  • Handicapped Parking.
  • Audio System at the Cash.
  • Accessible Toilets.






Automated vending machines at the station:

  • Cold Drinks vending machine.
  • Telephone Dialing Cards Automate.
  • Hot Drinks vending machine.
  • Cigarettes Automated vending machine.
  • Tickets Automate.
  • Sweets and Snacks Automate.

Additional Services at the Station:

    • Public Telephone.
    • Newspapers and Books Stall.
    • ATM.
    • Food and Drinks Stall.
    • Sweets and Gifts Stall.
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luggage lockers

There are luggage storage lockers, suitable for all sizes of suitcases. You can leave your belongings in the lockers for a period that does not exceed two weeks.


No Licensed Taxi Station.


Cars:3,000 payable parking spaces.
Handicapped parking:50 payable parking spaces.
Motorcycles:100 parking spaces.
Bicycles:50 parking spaces

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