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Purchase of travel tickets, discounts and free travel for eligible passengers

In accordance with the Ministry of Transport's directions,
Purchase of round-trip tickets, multiple tickets ("kartisiya"), Rav Kav Flexible cards for 7 and 30 days is only possible by means of a Rav Kav card.
Tickets that may be purchased without a Rav Kav card
  •  Regular single ticket.
Tickets that may only be purchased by means of a personal Rav Kav card
  •  Periodic cards: Rav Kav Flexible 7 cards and Flexible 30 cards.
  •  Combined train & bus round-trip tickets within the Central area.
  •  Passengers eligible for discounts, except: persons accompanying blind passengers, children under 5, senior citizens, members of organized groups, soldiers,   prison personnel and policemen.
Tickets that may only be purchased by means of a Rav Kav card (personal or anonymous)
  •   Round-trip ticket.
  •  Multiple ticket ("kartisiya") for 12 trips.

Eligibility for discounts

Discounts for all eligible passengers are valid on all railway lines
Eligible passenger
Requirement for obtaining eligibility
Senior citizen
Regular single ticket, Flexible 7, Flexible 30 and Combined Flexible 30
50 %
Israeli resident, man of over 65 or woman of over 60, upon presenting a Senior Citizen card or ID card.
Round-trip ticket
Multiple ticket ("kartisiya") for 12 trips
30 %
33 %
Student card / Nursing student card / Practical engineering student card
Student, extended
Regular single ticket
Multiple ticket ("kartisiya") for 12 trips
50 %
Student card / Nursing student card / Practical engineering student card, and additionally a semester or yearly pass loaded on a Rav Kav card
Child and youth aged 5 to 18, school student up to 12th grade, special education student aged up to 21
Multiple ticket ("kartisiya") for 12 trips
50 %
Document confirming the age and a school approval
Person eligible on behalf the National Insurance Institute, disabled person, IDF disabled person, person disabled by hostile action
Multiple ticket ("kartisiya") for 12 trips
33 %
Document confirming the receipt of a pension or of an income supplement in accordance with the National Insurance Law.
Disabled person card issued by the National Insurance Institute and confirming the disability, membership card of the IDF Disabled Association or membership card of the Hostile Action Disabled Association
Person accompanying a blind passenger
Regular single ticket
50 %
Document confirming the blindness of the accompanied person

Organized groups

An organized group comprising 20 or more passengers is eligible for a 50 % discount on a travel fare, subject to approval by the manager of a departure station.
An eligible passenger who have not received the discount due to him/her may apply to the Customer Service Center at *5770.

Entitled to free travel

Child under 5
Blind person
Volunteer – unpaid service soldier, student at a half-year army preparatory course, National Service volunteer and one-year service volunteer – upon presenting a valid document.

Special travel arrangements for security personnel

The travel of soldiers, policemen and prison personnel is carried out in accordance with the agreements with the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Police and the Prison Service.


For your attention!

Purchasing a travel ticket
  • There are no double discounts (except for senior citizens).
  •  The highest of several discounts is granted.
  •  The purchase of a reserved seat is subject to a NIS 5 surcharge on the travel fare after discount, except for blind passengers who are eligible for reserved seats at no cost.
  •  For passengers using tickets within the framework of special arrangements: the tickets are issued by means of passing a valid magnetic card through a ticketing machine or at the cashiers.
Using a travel ticket
  •  The passage through the station's control gates is only possible by means of a valid travel ticket. It is not possible to exit the station for a period of time – the exit at an intermediary station is equivalent to the full use of a travel ticket.
             The gates should be passed through only at the departure and destination stations specified on the ticket.
             This rule does not apply to holders of the Flexible 3 and Flexible 7 cards who are allowed to enter and exit intermediary stations without restrictions.
  •  Israel Railways exercises an enhanced control over the payment for travel tickets. The control teams are authorized  to check the tickets and to charge the travel fare from a passenger who does not possess a valid travel ticket
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