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Safety at the Station and on the Train

Arrival at the Station

We recommend coming early and arriving at least 10 minutes before the train is scheduled to leave.


Please be careful when walking to the station. In most of the railway stations there is quite a lot of car traffic near the entrance to the station.


At the Station

Please be careful
when ascending/ descending the escalators and the stairs, and when walking on slippery or wet surfaces.


Please keep an eye on your personal belongings and make sure you do not leave these in a place that may create an obstacle for passers-by.


Keep away from the edges of the platform. In most of the stations the safe area is marked with a yellow safety line – do not pass this line.


Do not leave  the platform into the area of the tracks, in the event that a bag or any other personal belonging has fallen off the platform, refer to the station manager or the train supervisor.


Do not lean on a train that is waiting at the platform.


When Boarding and Alighting the Train

until the train comes to a full stop before approaching the door of the car.


Be careful and pay attention to the space between the train car and platform.


Do not hold the door of the car open using a foot, hand, bag or any other object. Do not stand with one foot on the platform and one foot in the train car.


Do not interfere with the automatic closing of the doors.


No pushing! Right of way is first to those alighting, then those who are boarding.
In the framework of our efforts to improve the service and travel comfort, we would like to request that you give the right of way to those alighting and only then board the train. In any case, it will be worth your while in a few more stations when it is your turn to alight.


On the Train

Be careful
when walking in the train car. The train can rock while traveling or come to a sudden stop. It is recommended to use the handles, safety rails and back rests.


Do not block the passages, the stairs and the doors – even during rush hour.


Please store bags and other personal belongings underneath the seats, on the shelves near the ceiling of the car and behind the first and last seats in every car.


Do not lean on the doors of the car, whether the train is in motion or whether it is standing.


Be careful  of the train coming to a sudden even while it is moving slowly near the platform.


Traveling with Infants and Children

Do not leave
an infant in a carriage while traveling on the train. The carriage must be folded while traveling on the train. The train may rock or come to a sudden stop and the carriage may slip or turn over.


No skating or using roller skates, rollerblades or skateboards in the area of the station, the platform or on the train.


It is recommended to come equipped with light beverages, food and various board games to add to the travel experience and prevent boredom.


No running or unruly behavior is allowed on the train. It is forbidden to climb on the seats or slide on the safety rails.


Please pay attention – the train is not a playground.


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