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From press release of May


News updates



  • The railways' intensive efforts invested in the works which were carried out on the line to Beer-Sheva, have paid off, and traffic will return to regular on Wednesday, 13.05.09 instead of 18.05.09 as originally planned.
    Works included the linking of 6 km new straight alignment to the existing sections, as well as communication, ballasting, welding, leveling, etc.
    As a result, trains will run on the new sections.

  • On 18.05.09, a pedestrian has been killed by a train on the Tel-Aviv-Haifa mainline near Rishpon (north of Hertzlia); it resulted in traffic disruptions; the reason for his death is still being investigated.

  • The line between Rishon-Le-Zion West (Moshe Dayan), Pleshet junction, and Bnei-Darom (north of Ashdod), moved one step forward after the railways have published Tender.
  • From a press release of 05.05.09 by Isra-Rail Co. Ltd.:
    Due to completing works on grade separation #217 (km 36 from Tel-Aviv on the old line to Jerusalem, at its intersection with road #411 near Hulda (thus replacing a level crossing),

    the old line between Na’na junction and Jerusalem will be closed to traffic resulting in no services between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem on Friday, 15.05.09 between 00:01 a.m and 19:00 p.m.; traffic will return to regular on Saturday night, 16.05.09 at 20:15 p.m.

  • From a press release of 06.05.09 by Isra-Rail Co. Ltd.:
    Due to the high number of public at the show of Depeche Mod rock band to take place on Sunday, 10.05.09, at Hayarkon Park of Tel-Aviv, which is near the University station, the railways will operate after the show end from 23:00 p.m. and on, special train formations from the University station under the system of “fill and go” to the following destinations:

    To Modi’in, calling at all Tel-Aviv stations, Ben-Gurion airport, and the 2 stations of Modi’in.
    To Ashkelon, calling at all Tel-Aviv stations, Lod, Rehovot, Ashdod, and Ashkelon.
    To Akko and Nahariya, calling at Hertzliya, Netanya, Hadera West, Binyamina, all the stations of Haifa, Hutzot-Ha-Mifratz, Kiryat-Motzkin, Akko, and Nahariya.
    The rail service will undoubtedly contribute to ease accessibility to the show and release the expected traffic jams.

    The State Controller, Prof. Micha Lindenstrauss (a retired supreme judge), has published on 06.05.09 his annual report for 2008, in which he complains about cost estimations regarding the completion of the A1 fast rail link to Jerusalem, the last section of which should have been ready in 2012 at a cost of $0.76 million, which reached in 2008-after re-estimations to $1.44 billion; the mentioned costs do not include electrification and rolling stock; the total cost will reach $7.12 billion and completion only in 2016!

    He blamed the railways, and the Ministries of Finance and Transport & Roads’ Safety in the outraging of budget and schedules, adding that lessons should be learned for other future projects of similar size; he also criticized the former railways’ General Manager Mr. Linchevsky, who signed the contract with Moria Co. of Jerusalem in 2006 for building the new railway station and carrying out other works, in not defining clearly enough how the responsibility and authority  should be shared by each of 2 boards.

    The railways response was, that “the delays and rising prices, are a result of the Greens appeal to the supreme court, while the contract with Moria has been cancelled by the present General Manager Mr. Harel”.        




Tender #MC/RS/02/09-An annual frame agreement for the supply of various detergents and cleaning materials for railway use.
The contract is for 12 months with optional extensions of up to additional 48 moths.
Latest bidding date: 22.07.09.

Tender #MC/RS/03/09-Frame contract supply of printed matters.
The contract is for 12 months with optional extensions of up to additional 48 months.
Latest bidding date: 24.06.09.

Tender #MC/SR/04/09-A frame agreement for providing services of rebuilding and renewing electrical motors, alternators, and coils.
The services to be provided include also additional works as needed, to use materials and spare parts to be supplied by the bidder at his site.
The contract is for 12 months with optional extensions of up to additional 36 months.
Latest bidding date: 14.06.09.

Tender #MS/RC/2009/5-Introducing of stands for sale of kosher coffee and bakery products-not cigarettes unless approved by the railways-as well as tables and chairs at Ashdod-Ad-Halom and Kfar-Sava Central stations.
The contract is for 36 months with optional extensions of up to additional 24 months.
Latest bidding date: 22.06.09.

#HN/KB/08/08 for infrastructure and concrete works between km 118+300 and km 123+325 south of Yavne.
The tender includes the following structures:
Structure 01- design and implementation of track infrastructure between km 118+000 and km 119+575; km 122+725 and km 123+000.

Works on structure 01 include: design and implementation of an under-track passage, a bridge over Yavne creek, preparatory and dismantling, earthworks, roadbeds and ballast, drainage, concrete, supporting walls, communication and signaling infrastructures, water pipes, and aerial development.

Structure 02- implementation works of track infrastructure between km 119+575 and km 123+325 (excluding between km 122+725 and km 123+000).
Works on this structure are the same as on structure 01; here, lighting and traffic arrangements are in addition.

Implementation time: 32 months.
Latest bidding date: 28.07.09

Tender #MS/RC/2009/6 for providing taxi services to/from Hertzlia station, and Tender #MS/RC/2009/7 for providing taxi services to/from Rosh-Ha-Ayin North station.
The contract is for 12 months with optional extensions of up to additional 24 moths.
Latest bidding date: 04.06.09.

Tender #TM/KB/01/09-Frame contract for renting a shovel dozer type L-950 (including operator) for loading track ballast onto ballast wagons at Lod station.
The contract is for 12 months with optional extensions of up to additional 24 months.
Latest bidding date: 11.06.09.

Tender #HN/KB/02/09.
The works to be carried out between km 21.400 and km 28.900 (measured from Haifa East; A.G.), include: preparatory works, earthworks, grade separations, drainage, supporting walls, lighting, signaling and communication, irrigating, gardening, additional platforms at the stations of Akko and Nahariya, and acoustic walls at kiryat Motzkin.

The tender contains 2 structures:
Structure 01- works to be carried out at a fixed and final price.
Structure 02- works not yet included in the final price.
Works are expected to start on September 2009 and complete on May 2010, namely within 20 months.
Latest bidding date: 01.06.09.

When completed, the $7.7 million project, which includes a second track along 20 km between Kiryat-Motzkin and Nahariya along 20 km (the section between Kiryat-Motzkin and Na’aman, south of Akko is currently under work), will enable the railways with a much more operational flexibility, and provide a continues double-track between Nahariya and Lod to Beer-Sheva and Dimona, to Rehovot, Asdod, and Ashkelon, to Jerusalem on the old line, as well as through Ben-Gurion airport to Modi’in, and-at a later stage on the A1-to Jerusalem new central railway station to be built.

While during 2008, passenger traffic between Haifa and Nahariya reached 2,554,686, the forecast after completion is to 3,163,941 or 24% higher.


Jerusalem LRV project


A lot has been written about this nationally important project reflecting all its difficulties failures and successes.

However, this week the TV channel #1 reached new records of hostile feelings advising to "burry the project" because it is stuck, adding that it should be planned as an underground metro first hand…

The TV economical reporter preferred to ignore facts of works being carried out constantly, in particular completed sections of tracks and pavements on long sections of the line, as well as work start of erecting the first poles for the overhead electric wires at 2 sections, and that 43 out of the 46 LRV vehicles are already at the depot at the French Hill in Northern Jerusalem.

Additionally, already on February 2009, the concessionaire CityPass, has completed building of the first LRV station located at the Ammunition Hill in Northern Jerusalem.

The station, represents a new concept in service for the passenger-an advanced and dynamic information system which enables a constant follow-up of schedules and real time information both at stations along the line and on the LRV.

written by,
Aharon Gazit


From national press


The Israeli most popular newspaper-Yediot Aharonot (latest news) has recently published a "sensational headline" according to which "the railways intend to move the management offices from Tel-Aviv Savidor (central) to Lod, where a new control centre is to be built, while only on January 2009 the Masua centre has been opened at Haifa-Hof-Ha-Carmel at a cost of $35 million".

This headline and the detailed article did not pass silently, and the first response was from the mayor of Haifa Mr. Yona Yahav, who-in addition to his anger-did not try to hide the concern for the results of the mentioned change as far as increased unemployment will be caused to the already severely unemployment situation at the Greater Haifa Area.

At Lod, the head governmentally appointed committee running the city's municipality, Mr. Harary, was satisfied; he also told the newspaper that the decision has already been made, and the new centre to be built, will employ 800 people.

The railway management's response was that-at least at the present stage-there is no intention to move the control centre from Haifa; they did not refer to moving the management's offices to Lod, and-as I assume-for the reasons to be described now.

A deep analysis shows the following facts; partially historical which may clarify the story behind the news:

Until the 1980's the management offices were located historically at Haifa Central station; it was the then General Manager Mr. Tzvi Tzafriry who decided to move the offices to Tel-Aviv savidor station, and then-as today-such a step created a storm of emotions, but the bottom line is that it has been done!

However, one fact remained unchanged: apart from the management's offices, all other offices are scattered over different locations, like rolling stock department located at Haifa Kishon works, track department at Haifa Bat-Galim and Haifa East, signaling department at Haifa East, traffic department at Haifa Central, etc; all these offices have branches at Tel-Aviv, Lod, and additional places.

Even today with some new and the rest rebuilt buildings at Savidor station, the whole complex looks like a modernized single store refugee camp; so it is time to put an end to this situation and built a multi-store offices building thus making it as the hub; the land at Lod is much cheaper than in Tel-Aviv, the location is central on an important railway junction, while the land at the nearby of Savidor station can be realized into a high value real estate easily covering the expenses of creating the new centre; consequently, the needed step-painful as it is-is unavoidable!

On 24.05.09 a sudden computer failure at Haifa-Hof-Ha-Carmel station control centre, caused a chaos in traffic resulting in trains brought to halt for up to half an hour as well as a chain of delays, and naturally, anger from the public (for some reasons people ignored the fact that on the same day, severed bottle necks occurred on the main roads at the Greater Tel-Aviv Area caused by a fire on the aside one road; delays here were for hours; maybe it is an accumulated anger….A.G.).

The management's response was swift; already on that day the General Manager Mr. Yitzhak Harel (Haki) instructed his people to immediately compensate all the involved passengers with 3 free tickets; additionally, on 26.05.09, he requested the experts of Thales who are responsible on the control centre, to come immediately to Israel, in order to check it and to make sure that such events will not happen again; in the press release of that date, the public has been informed that due to the experts' checks, slight traffic delays may occur; the management has apologized for all the inconvenience already caused and to be caused.

On 24.05.09 the Knesset (parliament) Economical Committee visited the railways, and in a press release of that date by Isra-Rail Co. Ltd., the committee's Chairman Mr. Ophir Akunis said: "The railways' top importance, apart from its being an important mode of transportation, is its social importance-putting an end to periphery in Israel!

Once railway lines have been laid there is no more periphery!

He added that the committee intends to hold an urgent discussion with the participation of seniors from the Finance Ministry, in order to get quick answers about the barriers created by the ministry on the railway budget; he added that the committee is fully supporting the Prime Minister's Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu to invest $12.5 billion in the railways.

Finally, regarding the A1 fast link to Jerusalem, Mr. Akunis said: "It is intolerable in my eyes that a fast rail link between Jerusalem the capital city, and Tel-Aviv, the financial capital city does not exist as yet; this line is suffering for years from delays in construction, and we must immediately promote it, in order to enable the people from Jerusalem to reach Tel-Aviv-and vise versa to the people of Tel-Aviv-within the promised time of 28 minutes".

The railways have operated yesterday-26.05.09-special additional trains from Bnei-Brak station adjacent to the Ramat-Gan stadium, for all those who came to see soccer cup final match.

The trains called at Hertzliya, Netanya, Hadera West, Binyamina, Haifa-Hof-Ha-Carmel, Haifa-Bat-Galim, Haifa Central-the 8; Haifa-Lev-Ha-Mifratz; Haifa-Hutzot-Ha-Mifratz; Kiryat-Motzkin; Akko, and Nahariya stations.

The timetable of this weekend will be deferent than usual due to a long holiday, Shavuot (on Friday) and Saturday in which trains are not operated.

Therefore the trains today are operated as on Thursday, and the trains of tomorrow as on Friday; traffic will return on Saturday night; on all the mentioned days, traffic is enforced by additional trains.

written by,
Aharon Gazit


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