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Facilities for cyclists - bicycles may now be carried on all rail routes

About the service

Dear riders, as of today bicycles may be taken aboard trains on all routes. 
Bicycles may be taken aboard trains on Sun - Thu all day except for peak hours (06:00 - 09:00, 15:00 - 19:00), and during all operating hours on Fridays. At other times only folding bicycles stored in carrying bags will be admitted. 

Please note:
  • You are advised to arrive at the station at least 20 min. before the scheduled train departure time.
  • Bicycles carried on trains must be properly secured - you should be in possession of a tie strap and produce it when requested.
  • Tricycles may not be taken aboard trains at any time.
Wishing you a pleasant journey. We invite your feedback to or the Customer Service Call Centre *5770.

Safety rules

At stations:
  • Riding a bicycle in any part of a station is strictly prohibited.
  • Please show the guard your bicycle tie strap on your own initiative.
  • If the barrier is attended, you can ask the attendant to open the disabled persons’ gate. It is compulsory to show him the ticket in your possession on your own initiative.
  • If the barrier is unattended (not all stations have barrier attendants during all operating hours), pass the bicycle over the barrier after validating your ticket.
  • Use of the lifts to reach the platform is compulsory.

On board trains:
  • Bicycles may only be taken aboard the specially marked carriages.
    If the carriage is full and there is no room, please wait for the next train. Avoid boarding a crowded carriage with a bicycle.
  • Up to five bicycles only may be taken on to the train - as indicated by the number shown on the sign outside the carriage. If there is no room, please wait for the next train
  • Please let all other passengers alight and board before taking the bicycle aboard the train.
  • The bicycle is to be secured using a special strap (equipped with a buckle for tightening it or hooks) or using a chain and lock.
  • The bicycle is to be secured as tightly as possible to the rail using the strap/chain.
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