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Bicycle policy

Bringing bicycles on board the train, at the designated coaches, will be allowed in all lines, as detailed below:
On Sunday - Thursday from 09:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 06:00.
On Friday - During all hours of operation.
On Saturday - Bringing bicycle on board is forbidden at all hours.
Folding Bicycles - folded bicycles may be brought into the train during all hours of operation, without a dedicated carrying case. The bicycle must be folded prior to entering the premises of the station.

Electrical Bicycles - can be brought on board of the train (subject to size and weight limitations) as long as these are bicycles that do not require licensing by the law.

Tricycle - Bringing a tricycle on board of the train is forbidden during all hours of operation.

Safety Instructions

Please observe the following safety instructions.

Instructions for Staying in the Station:
  • It is strictly forbidden to ride a bicycle in all the premises of the station.
  • Present the anchoring strap of the bicycle to the security guard at your own initiative.
  • When a steward is positioned at the entrance, you may request the steward to open the gate of the disabled. It is mandatory to present the travel card you purchased at your own initiative.
  • In the absence of a steward (stewards are not present at all station during all hours of operation) carry the bicycle over the gate after you stamp your travel card.
  • Use the lifts only to descend or ascend to the platform.

Guidelines for Traveling on the Train:
  • Bicycle riders are allowed to board the train only to the coach marked with the suitable mark.
  • In the event that the coach is overcrowded, wait for the next train and do not enter an overcrowded coach with the bicycle.
  • You can load only up to five bicycles on the train. When all places are occupied, wait for the next train.
  • Wait until all the passengers get off and board the train and only then board the train.
  • Anchor the bicycle with a dedicated strap equipped with a tightening clamp or hooks.
  • Tighten the bicycle as tight as you can to the railing, using the belt/ chain.

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