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Customer Service Department

What is the Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department handles complaints received from railway customers and the broader public, in a fair objective and businesslike manner.

The Customer Service Department is an independent unit subject to the Service Division which is subject to the CEO of Israel Railways.


What kind of issues may be addressed to the Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department may be addressed with anything that is related to Israel Railways: A query, a proposal for improving efficiency, or an expression of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service.


How long does it take to receive a response

Response to appeals that have been received is sent within 45 days from the time of receipt.

 We invest our utmost efforts to respond as quickly as possible and in most cases the response time is shorter.

In order to help us respond quickly, please include as explicit and detailed description as possible to ensure a thorough and comprehensive inquiry.

Before sending an appeal, it is recommended that the following details be included:

  • The name of the appellant.
  • At least one option for response or contact in the event that further clarification is required.
  • The date and time of the said event.
  • Details of the involved factors.


Furthermore, sending an appeal by e-mail will facilitate a quicker response. Complaints that are sent by e-mail are immediately accepted into the department's computer system and the handling of these is commenced more promptly.


In what ways can one contact the Customer Service Department


There are several options to contact the Customer Service Department:
Through regular mail: Israel Railways – Customer Service Department,Tel Aviv Station- Savidor Central, POB 18085, Zipcode 61180. 

Through online form: click here

Via fax: 08-6261693


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