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 Would you like to buy a copy of Yasheru Ba‘arava Mesilla (“Make Straight the Way”)? All you have to do is to complete the order form linked below, mail it to us enclosing a cheque, and we will have the book sent to you.

In a nutshell

This book is not intended as a piece of rigorous historical research—at least for the most part—as such work has already been done in the past.

The aim is to present pictorially an historical review of railways in Palestine and Israel; the prime credit for it is due to those who contributed to the book’s content—railway enthusiasts and others who extended their whole-hearted assistance. 


A great effort was made for the book mainly to feature photographs that had not been previously published—though some of them may nevertheless be familiar, as no suitable substitute was found. A number of photos first published in the book are rare if not unique, and in order to cover the subject in a complete manner we did not hesitate to use photos of less than perfect technical quality if they illustrate some object of particular interest or rarity.


Readers should note the many changes that have occurred in place names. Places were entirely renamed when different regimes took over, or the transliterations of their names frequently varied. Where confusion might arise a short parenthesised explanatory note is added to the text.


As hinted, this book is published at a time of fundamental and widespread transformation in Israel Railways. If all goes according to plan, some of the newer views depicted on these pages will change, possibly even beyond recognition. This makes it an especially suitable time to provide an account of events so far.




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