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תכנון מסלול נסיעה

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18/08/2013 Sun

From Flughaveno Ben-Gurion
Food and drink stand Handicap access Charged parking Taxi
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To Tel-Avivo Centro (Savidor)
Food and drink stand Handicap access Information Charged parking
The Journy Planner did not locate a train for the requested route


סטודנטים זכאים ל- 10% (אחוז) הנחה ממחיר הנסיעה המלא בנסיעה בקווים בינעירוניים. לקבלת ההנחה יש להציג תעודת סטודנט ממוסד המוכר ע"י המועצה להשכלה גבוהה.



  • According to the instructions of the Ministry of Transport, certain types of railway tickets and discounts may be issued to the holders of Rav Kav cards only: round-trip tickets; "flexible tickets" for 7 and 30 days; discounts for the entitled students and disabled persons.
  • The possibility of obtaining various types of railway tickets and discounts depends also on the trip route (the departure station and the destination station).
  • Access through the control gates at stations is only possible by means of a valid ticket.

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