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Israel Railways corporation Ltd.

Established – 2003 (prior to that the company operated as a unit in the Ports and Railways Authority).

Area of activities – carriage and passenger transport. Development, management, maintenance and operation of the railway infrastructure in Israel.

In recent years Israel Railways corporation ltd. has been spearheading a revolution in the transportation system in Israel. After its establishment as an independent government-owned corporation in 2003, Israel Railways has started to implement a comprehensive development plan, which has turned it into the most rapidly growing transportation company in Israel, and the largest transportation infrastructure company in Israel. The corporation has 1,900 employees; its annual turnover is about 1 bn NIS in routine operations and over 2 bn NIS in development activities.


Company Vision

To carry passengers and cargo safely and on time while providing optimal service, and to develop the railway infrastructure in the state of Israel.


Strategic goals.

The management of the Israel Railways corporation has set before the employees and managers of the company the following company goals for 2008.

Improving safety and security for passengers and employees.

Improving the quality of service for company clients.

Development and fostering of company employees.

Improving the level of availability of the rolling stock.

Implementing the development plan as derived from the multi-year plan and tailoring it to the company requirements.

Improving the organizational culture in the company and adapting the company structure to its goals.

Raising the level of treatment of environmental issues to acceptable norms.


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